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Find & Join WhatsApp Group Links - Groupox

Today, Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app around the world. It is available for both Android and iOS. Whatsapp group is one of the core features of the messaging app. Whatsapp groups are very useful for collaborative work with office colleges or just for having fun with school or college friends.

Whatsapp had introduced a feature by which admins can generate a WhatsApp group link which can be used by the other WhatsApp users to join that WhatsApp group. Whatsapp group link can only be generated by the admin of the group. People who are interested in joining that WhatsApp group can do so by clicking on that WhatsApp group link. By this admin will not have to add members one by one. Before this, admins used to get in trouble as they may end up in adding the people who are not interested in that WhatsApp group. Now, they only have to share the link and its totally up to the user whether they want to join the group or not.

Whatsapp group links are very useful for getting new members to our group. Here, you can share your WhatsApp group link and get new members to your group.Through WhatsApp group links, anyone can join that WhatsApp group in fraction of seconds. You will not need permission of the group admin to join that group.

Tips to follow when joining WhatsApp group

  • If you join any WhatsApp group make sure that you follow all the rules of that group. Otherwise, you may get kicked by the admin without any prior notice to you.
  • You should not start spamming the group with any kind of links or photos/videos.
  • Don't send any religious messages that clause conflicts among the group members.
  • Don't promote any fake news in the group. It can get you into a lot of trouble.
  • Avoid fighting with other group members.
  • Don't harras any group member in the group or through personal messaging.
  • Don't send a lot of advertisement regarding your product or service.
  • Don't change the name of the group or profile picture without the permission from the admin.
  • Don't send adult content if it is prohibited by the rules of the WhatsApp group.
  • If you have any problem regarding the content in the WhatsApp group, group members or any other kind of problem, contact the Whatsapp group admin regarding that.

Creating a Whatsapp Group

  1. Open Whatsapp messenger.
  2. Click on the chats tab.
  3. Click on menu > Click on new group
  4. Add members in the group. You need to add atleast one member in the group.
  5. Type a Group name. A group name can cotain maximum 25 charaters and you can even add a emoji in the group name.

Creating Whatsapp Group Link

  1. Open Whatsapp messenger.
  2. Click on the group whose link you want to share.
  3. Click on the group name from the top bar.
  4. Here you will see the group information. Scroll down and click on the button Invite via Link.
  5. From there you can get the whatsapp group invite link.

Share Whatsapp Group Link

You can share your WhatsApp group link here on Groupox. Choose the category that is most suitable for your WhatsApp group and add your Whatsapp group link in that category. You need to be an admin of the group, whose link you want to share on our website. As only admins have the right to generate WhatsApp group link. By sharing your WhatsApp group link here, you can get group members from around the world and you can get a chance to interact with people of different culture and different values.

Here, you can find Whatsapp group links of your choice and join the group that you are most interested in. Groupox allows you add your own Whatsapp group link on this platform and share it with whole world. You can add WhatsApp group link in different categories like comedy,gaming,fan club and many more. When adding a group you can use the description box to add a little bit about your group or you can use that to write rules regarding your Whatsapp group.

Whatsapp Group Links on Groupox

Just explore Groupox and find Whatsapp group that you are most interested in joining. Click on the "Join Group" on group page that found on Groupox. Then you will be redirect to the Whatsapp messenger and there you will have click on the "Join Chat" button and after that you will became member of that Whatsapp group.